Support Us

The Riley School participates in the Kroger Community Rewards® program.

Kroger sets aside an amount of money each quarter as a donation to community charities. The payment is based on points accumulated by people who designate their points to a charity like Riley School. So, the more people who select Riley School, the larger our share.

We encourage you to support us by enrolling your Kroger Plus card in the program. We use the donation to help with various programs outside the classroom, such as workshops. For example, we typically do not charge a full recovery amount on workshops in an effort to provide incentive to attend, so these funds help reduce the overall cost to us for these events.

Important Note:
Kroger requires supporters to re-enroll their Kroger Plus Card on an annual basis, during the month of April.

For those of you who shop at Kroger's, you probably already have a Kroger Plus Card. Enrolling your Kroger Plus card in the Kroger Community Rewards® program has no cost to you, except for a little time to register online with Kroger.
Register or re-enroll your Kroger Plus card in the Kroger Community Rewards® program or follow these Instructions.

Thank you for your support.

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